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It will take 1 weeks or 7 days to complete the course, and about next 7 days of practice to get comfortable with HTML. The key is to apply your learning and build projects. This course will give you all the basics knowledge that is required to build the website. With more practice, you can start building websites, emailer for clients as well and start charging for your services.

What you'll learn

  • HTML Basics
  • HTML links
  • HTML lists
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML framesets
  • HTML forms

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There are no minimum system requirements for coding HTML program, you can do it in any text editing program like notepad with any operating system. For testing your work, you will need an HTML5-compliant Web browser application. The latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox (both freely available online) will work fine for this, as will Internet Explorer 9 or higher.

  • Laptop or computer
  • Internet connection
  • Sublime Text Editor
  • Browser (Chrome preffered)

Course content

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Tags, attributes or properties, entities
  • Syntax of HTML
  • Headings and paragraphs
  • Formatting
  • Image
  • Marquee
  • Lists and its types
  • Links
  • HTML tables
  • Table within table
  • Rowspan
  • Colspan
  • Rowspan and colspan combined
  • Template designing using html tables
  • Emailers
  • Frameset
  • Frameset within frameset
  • Designing using frameset
  • iframe
  • Area map
  • Form tag attributes
  • Form elements
  • Form elements attributes and properties
  • Form validation
  • Regular expression


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This course includes:

  • Training from industry experts
  • 1 Live project
  • Online and offline both mode available
  • 2 Hours per day
  • 100% Live project based training
  • Modules designed according to industry requirements
  • Full support during and after the training
  • Certificate of completion